Health & Healing Course in Judaism & Kabbalah

Teacher: Rabbi Shaul Youdkevitch

Course opening:

Sunday, 15 Tevet 5783  Jan 8, 2023


Sundays, 6:45pm Jerusalem time, 11:45am EST, 9:45am MT/Mexico City, 8:45 PST

The video recordings will be available to members only, together with the course materials.


5 Elisha St. Jerusalem & on ZOOM

10 sessions

Registration: 500 ILS

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Course Objectives:

The presentation of the philosophy of illness and healing according to Judaism from the point of view of our ancient sages, later commentators, Kabbalah sages and their writings, and the evidence for this world view from the field of modern scientific research.

Acquiring tools for awareness of health and healing according to Kabbalah.

Course plan:

  1. What is the essence of the disease, the process of its formation and the relationship between soul, mind, and body in the process of the formation of a disease? This part also deals with understanding the place of the physician and his role as a medical practitioner and a spiritual therapist according to the Torah, the Talmud, the commentators and especially by the Zohar. On the one hand medicine is from God (“I am God your healer”) and on the other hand it is said that “the Torah gave permission to the physician to heal” (Ibn Ezra, Exodus). Should I go to the doctor? How much can you trust him? What kind of a person should he be and what is the definition of his role?
  2. What is the difference between Modern Medicine, Alternative Medicine and Kabbalistic Medicine? Which one can really heal?
  3. The tools needed for healing: rules for building the patient’s spiritual awareness: Spiritual Transformation; Community; Giving to others as a therapy; And how it is possible to combine all the above-mentioned factors in one comprehensive system?
  4. The innovative interpretation of an ancient theory that shows the connection between thought and emotion and the physiological disease at the molecular/atomic level. In this lesson, texts from the Zohar will be studied that analyze the process of the formation of the heart disease and the conditions for its cure.
  5. The various diseases and the ways of their emergence according to Kabbalah, emotional/spiritual causes and ways of healing.
  6. Healing meditations, different meditation techniques for the different organs according to the Zohar and the Book of Formation.
  7. The study of the most important texts of the Zohar about healing and the human anatomy.

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3 thoughts on “Health & Healing Course in Judaism & Kabbalah

  • This is wonderful!
    What a fabulous way to grasp the essence of Torah/kabbalah healing mind, body and soul, with a teacher that is so clear, informative and easy to understand!
    So blessed to study with you

    Thank you dear Rav Shaul!

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