December 1, 2017

Kabbalah Teachers, Mentors, Coaches and Guides for You

Make yourself a teacher and acquire a friend.

Mishnah, Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) 1:6


While taking the spiritual journey, one must have supportive friends and teachers in order to succeed in his or her life’s mission – the correction of the soul and the fulfillment of one’s personal potential.

Live Kabbalah site offers you Kabbalah Teachers, Mentors, Coaches and Guides with a background of many years of experience in counseling, teaching and coaching.


Teachers appear in alphabetical order


Devorah Malin

Devorah Malin has been involved in astrology for many years and advises people in Israel and around the world.

Your Astrological Chart gives an in-depth picture of your personality.
Our Astrological Chart is telling us the exact position of the stars at the moment we were born at our place of birth.  This constellation is unique and at no point in our lives will this star constellation happen again. The stars keep moving, each at its own pace. Some return to their original location in our sky and some never do.
Astrology helps us to see ourselves and those around us from a broad and inclusive perspective. It is based on the idea that there is a connection between heaven and earth, between the “upper” and the “lower”. The movement of the stars creates a huge cosmic clock through which we are able to observe our lives, recover from hard moments and learn from past mistakes. With the proper guidance it is supposed to give us an improved and corrected awareness. The change of awareness is a must in order to deal better and differently with similar situations. The ability to change and transform our reactions to repeating situations is the only way to take control over our future. The results must be seen in every area of ​​our lives like relationships, health and more.

Feel free to contact Devorah in order to arrange a personalized appointment for an Astrological Chart analysis.
Devorah is a maternity Doula, living in the in the Galilee.
Devorah Malin +972-55-9190260 [email protected]



Rabbi Hezi Nagar

I was exposed to the study of Kabbalah about 40 years ago. I have gained extensive experience in group and personal training in Judaism, Kabbalah and personal development. In 2003, together with my wife Tsiporah, I established the Michael Center for Spiritual and Awareness Kabbalah Studies.

As part of my teachings at the center, I developed a course that teaches the connection between emotions, illnesses and the body organs, and how to connect to healing through the Holy Names.

The center, located in Ra’anana, conducts workshops and seminars throughout the country on Kabbalah and Spirituality, for private organizations and institutions.

We are dominantly influenced by our emotional state of mind. Emotional barriers can be created as a result of traumatic situations we have experienced. The blocked emotions also affect our spiritual development.

In a counseling session we will find and root out the causes of emotional blockages. The release will result as an emotional release that will lead to an improvement in our ability to cope with reality, and in many cases also an improvement in physical health.

Meeting place – in the office in Ra’anana or online.

To make an appointment for counseling and personal guidance, please send a message to +972-54-6365057

Michael Center – 117 Ahuzah, Ra’anana (2nd fl) 09-7404969



Moshe Malin

Moshe Malin has been teaching the wisdom of Kabbalah in Israel and around the world for over 24 years. Moshe works personally with people and teaches and guides how the wisdom of Kabbalah can be applied to strengthen the joy that lies within us, how to maintain high awareness and inner balance. Moshe teaches how to strengthen our giving power as a way to connect with the infinite good that the Creator longs to share with us.

Feel free to contact Moshe at no cost (for 1st timers): tel. +972-55-9215068 [email protected]




Rabbi Shaul Youdkevitch

Shaul Youdkevitch is the person behind Live Kabbalah site and most of its content.

Shaul Youdkevitch is an internationally renowned and revered spiritual teacher. Born and raised in Israel, Shaul always had a strong interest in science. While in college working towards a degree in biology, he met a Kabbalist and began to learn about the spiritual laws of the universe. He soon realized that there was a deep connection with these teachings and the laws of science. Shaul became fascinated by the comparison and set off to learn more and more about how the universe operates both physically and spiritually.

Since 1984, Shaul Youdkevitch has built up Kabbalah communities in few locations in Israel and North America. He also has created a systematic way of teaching the esoteric principles of Kabbalah, so that it is obtainable and understandable to everyone.

Rabbi Shaul Youdkevitch teaches today in Herzliya Pituah and in his residence in Jerusalem.

You can meet him for a personal consultation on the phone or face-to-face, in advance, with Rachel +972-52-880-6068