THE MEDITATION COURSE in Judaism & Kabbalah

in Judaism & Kabbalah

Teacher: Rabbi Shaul Youdkevitch

Course opening:

Sunday, 1 Tamuz 5784,  Jul. 7, 2024


Sundays, 6:45pm Jerusalem time, 11:45am EST, 9:45am MT/Mexico City, 8:45 PST

The video recordings will be available to members only, together with the course materials.

Place: on ZOOM

10 sessions

Cost: Donation of your choice

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The course will be broadcast live on Zoom.

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Link to the Online Course

Kabbalistic Meditation – Kavanah Course

Jewish meditation is called Kavanah. This is a wisdom that includes thousands of rituals, techniques and methods that have been used for thousands of years in order to achieve higher spiritual levels and an elevated connection to the Creator and His Light.

The course reviews the ten main methods known to Judaism according to the wisdom of Kabbalah and provides exercises and training to implement these methods in the student’s life for the purpose of improvement and progress.

This course is based on the Zohar, the writings of the Ari and Rabbi Avraham Abulafia.

The course includes 10 sessions and guided meditation (15-20 minutes each).

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Course Curriculum

Lesson 1:

What is meditation, Kavanah? Why is it necessary?

Lesson 2:

A review of the main types of meditation in Kabbalistic tradition A – the Hebrew letters, the names of the Creator, Mandala’s and Yihudim

Lesson 3:

A review of the main types of meditation in Kabbalistic tradition B – Far & Beyond, Prayers, Music, Study & Dancing as forms of meditation

Lesson 4:

A review of the main meditation types in Kabbalistic tradition C – different meditative states

Lesson 5:

Mind Over Matter A

Lesson 6:

Mind Over Matter B – Body and Health

Lesson 7:

Mind Over Matter C – Creating Happiness

Lesson 8:

Mind Over Matter D – Controlling Emotions

Lesson 9:

Meditations and Prayer A – Shema Yisrael, Secrets for Health and for Protection

Lesson 10:

Meditations and Prayer B – The Ana BeKho’ah – The Name of 42 Letters

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