March 14, 2018


3 students

The Book of VaYikra (Leviticus) is the third of the Five Books of the Torah and therefore corresponds to the Sephira of Bina.

The big part of the book of Leviticus deals with the Temple worship sacrifices. It is hard to understand why we need to read this year after year, especially since the sacrifices apply only for the Temple and the priests (Cohen).

The Zohar explains that the meaning of the word “sacrifice” is not as it understood today, in a negative context. The root of the word sacrifice (QoRBan, in Hebrew – קרבן) is q.r.b (ק.ר.ב) which means to bring close – The Zohar makes it more clear by explaining that it is about bringing the ten Sephirot closer to each other until they become one.

The first part of the year is dedicated to the reading of the Book of Genesis which is about reinstalling the basics of our spiritual awareness for the special journey in life this current year represents.

The second part of the year is dedicated to our journey for liberation and freedom that is unique  to this year – Exodus.


The third part of the year – VaYikra – “… He called…” is the part in which we are focusing our journey into purity, refinement and getting closer to the spiritual world, meaning, improving our ability to listen to our inner calling in this life.



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