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The wisdom of Kabbalah combines a very wide field of knowledge and thought that has existed since the dawn of human history. It is a general name for a hidden doctrine that contains the rules and secrets of a satisfying and fulfilling life.

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How to start?

New to Kabbalah? You want to start from the beginning? Live Kabbalah is committed to give you the support you need on this exciting journey. You can start reading by clicking on the icon above. Do you want something more intense? Take Kabbalah Level 1 Course, you can find it by clicking on the ‘Courses’ icon or on ‘Live Kabbalah University’ (on top of this page).

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‘My Jerusalem’ Experience

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” (Mark Twain). People come to Jerusalem to find out Why? Come to Jerusalem – The Gate of Heaven, for a tuneup for your soul. Study Kabbalah in the most welcoming exciting place. For more details click on the icon above.

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The mission of the Live Kabbalah University is to empower individuals and communities to create a world of peace, love, joy, and harmony for humanity. The university website was designed to support communities and individuals by providing services and supplying educational materials on different levels of Kabbalah study for beginners, and for advanced students.

Welcome to Live Kabbalah

Winner’s Consciousness with Rabbi Shaul Youdkevitch

The monthly, weekly and daily Kabbalah Workout Study is a requirement, it is necessary to develop a consciousness that can overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities.

Understanding The Kabbalistic Calendar is a very important tool in order to control the dimension of time as part of Winner’s Consciousness – this is Kabbalah’s Consciousness, the consciousness of the Tree of Life.

Kabbalistic Astrology & The 12 Signs of the Zodiac

The Kabbalistic Secrets of The Biblical/ Jewish Holidays

Hillulah - Celebrating the Departure of the Great Sages

Read more about the Kabbalistic Calendar...


When Parashat 'Aharei Mot' was read in Israel, it was the 8th day of Passover outside Israel. Therefore, for the next few weeks, the Weekly Parasha in Israel will be one week ahead of the one being read outside Israel.
Our Weekly Newsletter will provide you both.

Weekly Awareness (For People living Outside Israel): Parashat Shelaḥ Lekha


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The Parasha (Story) of Shelaḥ Lekha is about the daily challenges we are facing when we experience emotional reactions that turn us blind and than, push us to behave in a way that will contradict our real interests.

A short reading about the Weekly Parasha

Study more about the Weekly Parasha

The Parasha (Story) of Koraḥ is about the daily challenges we are facing when we experience emotional reactions that turn us blind and than, push us to behave in a way that will contradict our real interests.

A short reading about the Weekly Parasha

Study more about the Weekly Parasha


Monthly Study: Sivan – The Sign of Gemini


The Month of Sivan is a month of unity, synthesis and completions.

Study about the Month of Sivan - Te'omim (Gemini)

This Month's Sequences of Meditations


Holidays/ Gates in Time


The Counting of the Omer

Listen to a Lesson about Sivan - The Sign of Gemini

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Daily Meditations

What is Kabbalistic Meditation?


The 72 Names of God

Guided Meditation


The Ana Be'Kho'aḥ

The Name of 42 Letters




Live Kabbalah is committed to helping create and/or support communities throughout the world that will provide a safe, loving environment for every human being who seeks to participate in the creation of a better world.

These communities are based upon the teachings of the great prophets of the Bible as well as upon the teachings of the Kabbalistic Sages that followed their vision.

Live Kabbalah website has been established by students who feel the need to preserve the original teachings and to especially focus on the original vision of Rav Ashlag to combine the focus of the study of Kabbalah with the creation of spiritual communities.. These communities will be centered on building a safe, loving, supporting environment that will promote, enhance and support the journey of the individual towards cleaving to God, which is the only purpose of The Creation.

  • Our mission is based on the Universal Truth that Love of the Creator is revealed when mankind displays that Love and respect to other human

  • Rav Ashlag, the founder of the modern renaissance of Kabbalah had a vision of a “One World Spiritual Movement”.

  • Live Kabbalah is committed to help creating and/or supporting communities.

  • Kabbalah (in Hebrew) means “Wisdom that has been received”.1

Perfect World Museum

Perfect World Museum has been established in order to serve humanity by being a place to present the ideas and the art of those people along the generations who’d used, and are still using, Kabbalah as their language in their quest to achieve a better, more perfect world to all mankind. Hebrew lettering and/or Kabbalistic symbols on each item, including the holy names of God and angels, promise to bring spiritual forces of good fortune, health and protection to its owner.