December 1, 2017

Live Kabbalah

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Live Kabbalah

Basic study of Kabbalah will bring us some important understandings about the nature of life:

  1. A Human Being is born to live a life of happiness and satisfaction and not built to live differently. That’s why the human body collapses and wilts when we do not live the good life.
  2. Each domain in the universe operates according to precise rules. Lack of knowledge of the law is not exempt from punishment and in order to succeed in agriculture, engineering, architecture, love, health and parenting or any other area, knowledge of the rules involved in each is a must. Ignorance will lead to failure. The secret of personal success requires the knowledge of the rules.
  3. One of the most important laws in any area is the understanding that the reward depends on the size and intensity of the effort.
  4. The Universe is good and perfect. The Universe provides us all we need in order to achieve success dealing with any challenge and every situation, even when we do not know all the rules.
  5. Knowledge and wisdom without effort will yield no results as well; effort in the wrong direction will not get favorable results either.

This section deals with the rules necessary for success in life’s most important areas.


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