January 12, 2019

Kabbalah Level 2 – Reincarnation and the Personal Correction

11 students

The Jewish Wisdom of Reincarnations According to Kabbalah

Moderator: Rav Shaul Youdkevitch

10 sessions

Course’s goal:

The purpose of this course is to develop a consciousness of reincarnation, based on kabbalistic teachings that will give the student the tools necessary to turn life’s’ opportunities into spiritual growth and refinement. These ancient teachings on reincarnation were given to us by the kabbalists in order for us to see each moment of our lives as a series of occasions to perfect ourselves on the road to accomplishing spiritual perfection. Learning these teachings gives a person great strength in the areas of love, relationships, pain, loss, child-rearing, livelihood, health and fear. These practical and creative tools help the student to develop an outlook that is the formula for true success.


 Course Topics:

  1. Introduction to the Wisdom of Reincarnation
  • The teachings of the Ari – Rabbi Isaac Luria.
  • What is reincarnation?
  • Why do we need to know?
  • Why is it that most people do not remember their previous lives?
  • What are the sources for reincarnation in the Torah?
  1. The teachings of Reincarnation as the wisdom of everyday life
  • the search for one’s’ true self
  • practical methods for daily work
  1. Achieving victory over death and fear
  • The impact death and fear have over our free will
  • The way to beat fear is the way to create success in any field
  • Why do people die?
  • What happens to us after we die?
  1. Love and giving
  • Relationships as a major tool for development and growth
  • What are Soulmates? How do they find each other?
  1. Our physical health, well being, and anatomy
  • a reflection of our soul correction.
  • a reflection of the Tree of Life and the Sephirot.
  1. Quantum correction
  • irrational leaps of growth.
  • techniques for performing miracles
  1. The spiritual correction in making money
  • doing business
  • achieving livelihood.
  • combining career with a spiritual way of life
  1. Achieving unconditional joy
  • coping with depression, frustration, failure and despair.
  1. Root Souls and Reincarnations Among the Nations
  • different types of people,
  • different types of correction and talent.
  • the spiritual source of the various cultures and religions in the world
  1.  A journey to previous lives
  • guided meditation to finding our previous lives
  • strengthening the process of inner awareness and correction




4 thoughts on “Kabbalah Level 2 – Reincarnation and the Personal Correction

  • Shalom dear friends: Please let me know the requirements and value in dollars for this course. Is it in English?
    Also, I would like to know if you offer counseling or some form of personal spiritual guidance.
    May Adonay bless you for ever!

    • The content of this site is only in English the prices of the course are in US$.
      We do offer counselling, details will be published soon.

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