February 16, 2018

The Legacy of the Great Sages

Tsefat – Cemetery, facing Mt. Meron

According to Kabbalah, when a great Sage leaves this world, his departure leaves an impression on that day that lasts forever. On that day, all his good deeds, the spiritual energy that he generated through his loving, sharing, study, prayers and transformation manifest and concentrate. Every year on that Memorial Day the soul of that great sage, his spiritual powers and achievements are available for us to connect to them.

During the Hilulla (a memorial day of a Sage) a very powerful energy, which could turn a negative day to a positive one until the end of time is being revealed. There are several ways to connect to the bliss available on the day of the Hilulla:

A. Lighting a candle.

B. Studying from the books written by that sage (if there are no books in reach, we can read in the Zohar in his memory).

C. Celebrating by a meal while having a study for the memory of the sage.

D. Visiting the gravesite.

In all four occasions we meditate and pray to connect to the soul of the sage so we can get a support that will help us connecting better to The Light of The Creator and improve ourselves.

Rabbi Yehudah Ashlag – Jerusalem

We don’t have to do all of the above and one of the four is enough.

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