February 16, 2018


Kabbalah teaches that the Biblical Holidays are cosmic, astrological events with very distinct metaphysical meanings.

Every holiday is a revelation of God’s Light that is also an astrological event. This is why the Hebrew – Biblical Calendar is completely dependant on astrology.

Every holiday is a gate for certain forces, a gift from the Creator for his creatures so they can use those gifts in order to improve their lives and get closer to completion. Kabbalah teaches us how to gain the most out of each of these events.

What are the actions and the meditations needed in order to activate a real permanent transformation in our lives? How can we get the most out of each holiday, each present we get from the Creator?

This valuable knowledge is encoded in the Bible, in Jewish law and tradition. The Zohar. The teachings of The Ari and other Kabbalists reveal to us all the most amazing secrets hidden in each holiday.

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Rosh HaShanah

Yom Kippur


Hoshana Raba

Simhat Torah


Tu BiShvat (The 15th of Shevat) – The New Year of the Tree



The Seventh Day of Passover

The Counting of The Omer

Israel’s Independance Day

Lag BaOmer


The 9th of Av (Tisha BeAv)

Tu Be’Av – The Holiday of Love