December 1, 2017


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Live Kabbalah site belongs to Universal Kabbalah Communities, a non for profit organization in the US:

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Tax ID 90-042-2614 for Federal Tax purposes.

The site and other activities of the movement are sponsored by people like you.

If you would like to support the website or other activities, there are several ways to do so, as follows:

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Wells Fargo, 420 Montgomery st. San Francisco, CA 94104

Account Number: 1612182376

Routing: 121000248

Universal Kabbalah Communities Inc.


For more information mail us to: [email protected]

To donate by phone using a credit card, you can call us:

From Israel: 052-8806068

From other countries: +972-52-8806068


For Non-US residents:

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Donations for our Israeli Non-Profit – Live Kabbalah Tax I.D


Live Kabbalah has a tax exampt status for Israeli residents (סעיף 46)

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For Israeli residents: You can use

Bit or Paybox to our number: 052-880-6068

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Live Kabbalah

Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot – 20,  Branch 417, Geulah, Jerusalem

Account # 556252

Bank Phone: 076-8040170


Account #:  417-556252