February 17, 2018


The previous portion (Mikkets) ends with the Joseph’s silver goblet found in Benjamin’s (Jacob’s youngest child and the only reminder from Rachel) belongings. At that point our portion begins, saying: “Then Judah approaches him (Joseph) and said…” (VaYigash, in Hebrew), The Zohar is wondering why the Torah chose to use the verb “VaYigash”(there are many more synonym in Hebrew for the verb “to approach”), and explains that the root of “VaYigash” is N.G.SH (נ.ג.ש) which is also the root of the word “Hitnagshut” (collision) – a collision between two worlds:

The physical mundane world represented by Yehuda (Judah), which David the King is his descendant, The Sephira of Malkhut – our material world, the fulfillment of our needs, desires and will.

On the other hand there is:

The spiritual world represented by Joseph – The Sefira of Yesod that collects all the divine abundance and transfers it to the Sephira of Malkhut. The Sephira of Malkhut determines and controls how much divine abundance will enter our life. Since there is no coercion in spirituality, no one but us can determine the amount of light that will reveal in our life. The collision mentioned is between two opposite urges – our urge to connect with our Creator and the needs, urges and desires of our body.

When we feel there is no flow in our life it is a sign for fulfilling only material urges and needs, and being disconnected from the Sephira of Yesod and the divine abundance. In order to reconnect we should create a miracle (Nes) in our life. The Hebrew word Nes (miracle) is similar to Lanus (to flee) and LeHitnoses (rising up and above). Meaning, we should flee; escape, our physical, nimalistic nature, from the way we used to behave all our lives. Escaping fear, anger and a feeling of being a victim, and raising ourselves into a higher level. Overcoming our nature and finding a different way that will lead us into a real change and transformation.

That is how Judah operated. He stood before Joseph and was ready to sacrifice himself, to forgo beyond his survival instincts and fight for his fellowman – for his father (he guaranteed Jacob for Benjamin’s security and return) and for his brother. Judah speaks from the depth of his heart, pure innocence and caring and when he has a complete faith that this is the right way he succeeds in delivering this message further on. The Zohar explains that this message is the secret of faith – the ability to connect between the upper spiritual worlds and the material world – and when it is accomplished “Then Joseph could not refrain himself before all them that stood by him…” The moment we create the miracle, the Sephira of Yesod cannot hold itself and more and more miracles and wonders happen to us while abundance from the upper worlds flow toward us endlessly.

This is the essence of our creation – to be creators, to create miracles and to turn darkness into light and bitterness into sweetness. To walk against our nature and evoke changes in our life and those who surround us in an unusual way, in an altruistic way that although it is full with difficulties and obstacles it will eventually set us free from our daily hell into heaven on earth.

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