February 16, 2018

The Power of the Zohar

The Zohar is written as an interpretation to the Torah and most of it is organized by the Parashot – The 52 sections of the Five Books of Moses. Kabbalists say that The Zohar contains all secrets of the universe in a variety of fields such as Physics, Astronomy, Medicine, Psychology etc. The presence of the Zohar in a particular place creates, according to tradition, a spiritual shield from evil that has the power to bring blessing, protection and prosperity to its environment. The reading in the Zohar has even more qualities and can bring purity for the mind and the soul, positive consciousness. The powers achieved by the reading of The Zohar are believed, for centuries, to assist in dealing with problems, pressure and crisis. Rabbi Ashlag tells us that those who read The Zohar, even when they don’t understand what they study, their strong will and desire to understand awakens the light of their soul and that brings growth.

The tradition of reading the Zohar, even without understanding it, contemplating and meditating on it is very ancient and customary in many Sephardic communities all around the world. For obtaining positive results, it is recommended to read the Zohar at least 10-30 minutes a day, every day. This will connect the reader to the correct frequency – the spiritual powers of the Zohar and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai, the power of personal and general redemption, eternal spiritual growth and attachment to the life force of The Creator.


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