March 11, 2019


Weekly Zohar Study

With Rabbi Shaul Youdkevitch

The weekly study of Parashat HaShavua (The weekly Torah study) is a source of great wisdom that can become a real source of strength for the whole week.

Parashat HaShavua (English) in Herzlia Pituach


Sunday’s 5:30pm


Seven Stars Retirement Home

138 HaNasi Its’hak ben Tsvi, Herzliya

(in the library)

Weekly Zohar Study – Parashat HaShavua (English) in Jerusalem


Sunday’s 11:00am


Next to Jerusalem’s City Hall

In order to join the group for Weekly Zohar Study in Jerusalem call 052-880-6068

For registration and more details call 052-880-6068

According to Kabbalistic wisdom, every week along the year is a manifestation of a unique spiritual energy. The special nature of every week is giving us an opportunity for a special Tikun (Spiritual work to correct our souls) that is suitable for that same week only.

That means that we will be facing certain challenges and lessons on that period of time that overcoming them will help us in achieving our main goals in life.

The study of the weekly reading in the Torah (Parasha) and The Zohar study related to it will give us the energy that we need in order to overcome the negativity of that week or in order to connect to all the positive forces available that week; as it says that the Creator prepares the medicine and makes it available just when and where the illness appears.

The Weekly Zohar Study contains tools to heal ourselves and to achieve the spiritual growth we need in order to become the person we want to be.

Use the study as a tool or as a remedy. Make sure you discuss the main lessons with the people who are close to you in order to achieve the best results. The best is to have a regular weekly study group that will become your support group on your spiritual journey towards true success.