February 16, 2018

Zohar Study – How?

Read the Aramaic text (Read the translation later if you can). While reading, imagine that the letters of the Zohar connect your soul to a spiritual place of light, joy, certainty and love. Concentrate on the desire to change yourself by reading and becoming more peaceful, more tolerant to other people, focus on loving your friends and relatives so you can share the bliss you have received during the reading with the world around you. Anyone who wants to go beyond that can imagine how light is projected from the letters of the Zohar into his soul and imagine how this light cleans, lights, opens and fills every area of his life with prosperity and bliss.

Reading the Zohar can be done in three ways:

1. According to the weekly portion – As mentioned, the Zohar is written as a commentary to the Torah and is arranged according to the weekly portions. According to Kabbalah, every week arises opportunities to spiritual work that is unique to that period of time in the year. In the weekly portion of the Zohar we have a lesson and spiritual powers that have been created especially in order to help us cope with the challenges that are supposed to rise at the same time. We should begin reading the weekly portion in the Zohar on the Sunday prior to that Shabbat (that is, if on the coming Shabbat we will read the portion of “Shemot”, from Sunday prior to that Shabbat we will start learning the portion of “Shemot” in the Zohar).

Click here to listen to an audio Zohar Study of the weekly portion

2. By Special Topics – Naturally, life is not always going smoothly and things do not always work out as we wish them to. Since the Zohar was written as commentary on the Torah and because the Torah applies to all sides and angles of our lives, we can study the Zohar even in a focused and concrete way in the context of a certain problem that bothers us in everyday life. For example, regarding medical problems we should read the portion of Pinhas in the Zohar, which deals with the human body organs. Reading this portion allows the body to renew and vaccinate himself; When we feel we are attacked by the negativity of the environment or negative people, we should read the portion of Balak, ot which attributed the ability to help in protecting against negative energies; and in everything related to issues of parity and building a family it is recommended to read the portion of Terumah.

3. Random Reading – In General and as noted above, the learning and reading of the Zohar bring the removal of pain and suffering from our lives and create protection around us. Therefore, when we are distressed and have an urgent need to change our consciousness, we can read any volume of the Zohar within our reach even if seemingly it is not compatible with or related to our present situation.


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