February 17, 2018


On the previous articles we’ve mentioned that we are now on the fifth week of a period known to Kabbalists as – ShOVaVIM; an opportunity to connect to unique forces of growth and freedom (freedom from the chains of our body, selfishness and fears). This week (the 5th) we have the connection to the highest level – Mount Sinai Revelation.

The portion’s name Yitro (Jethro) is after the father-in-law of Moses. Many sages raise the question of how can it be that Yitro who was the high priest of paganism got the distinguished honor to have a special portion, that of Mount Sinai Revelation, that is the most powerful and significant event in the history of mankind?

Our story opens right after the Israelites reach Mt. Sinai and it is told that Yitro leaves his country, Midyan, takes Tsipora (Moses’ wife) and her children and goes to meet Moses in the desert.

When Yitro noticed the hard work Moses put into leading his people, he tells him: “The thing that you are doing is not good. You will surely wear away… Hearken now unto my voice… and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens”. Meaning, Yitro is teaching Moses how to delegate authority.

However, there is an additional lesson over here. In order for a person to achieve completion and total fulfillment, the union with The Creator, every person, no matter how righteous, the moment he or she are given power and control it is hard knowing how it will affect them. Therefore, it is needed to build a system of checks and balances that will enable the right process of spiritual growth, similarly to the one in the desert that lead the people into unity and enabled Mt. Sinai revelation.

Yitro reveals the secret of “Make yourself a teacher and buy yourself a friend” (Ethics of the Fathers 1, 6). The spiritual journey is conditioned by knowing that connecting to negativity, fear, criticism, anger, pride, etc., means death.

Mt. Sinai Revelation according to The Zohar is the secret of Immortality for the human race. In order to reach that goal there are three conditions:

A. A friendly and caring community that pushes us toward spiritual growth from a loving place and total faith in us. A community that will hold us accountable for our behavior and actions and that will coach us to become the best we could be.

B. Basic rules of society that are established on the golden rule: Love your fellow human as you love yourself – every human being has been created in the image of God and therefore they should be treated with respect.

C. The Light of God is in everyone and everything and happiness can be achieved only when we respect this Light.

This is the main idea of Mt. Sinai revelation – eternal life to everyone.


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