March 13, 2018

Introductory Lectures to Kabbalah

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1 thought on “Kabbalah, Love and Healing & more Secrets of Spiritual Medicine

  • Excellent teaching, rabbi Youdkevitch. I will need to listen to it several times to absorb all of the light here. I have found that I am filled with joy and positivity when next to water, especially flowing water or water with waves. It is easiest to connect with the Creator at water. Even think of this…what do we give someone who sick? Big pans of chicken or heavy pastas? No, of course. We give them soup which is water filled with herbs and vegetables, and even those herbs and vegetables are mostly water. Then we add the intention and I think it is like the researcher with the crystals of water. We think healing and loving thoughts and our gift of meager soup really helps a person (who wants to shake their illness and live on a higher level as you explained here in this teaching). I really need a community, Rabbi Youdkevitch. I understand by the day how important this is.


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