1. Hasadim, Hebrew: Loving, kindness, sharing

The first Sefira of Zeir Anpin’s 6 Sefirot.

Right Column of the Upper Three Sefirot, the power of love and sharing.

Chariot: Abraham the Patriarch

Other names: Gedula (Greatness)

Part of Body: Right Arm


Hebrew: Majesy

The fifth Sefira of Zeir Anpin’s 6 Sefirot.

Left Column of the Lower Three Sefirot, the power of judgment.

Chariot: Aharon the Priest (Cohen).

Part of Body: Left Leg


Hebrew: Wisdom

The second Sefira of The Tree of Life

Known also as Aba (Father)

       Hokhma contains the raw naked energy of The Tree of Life called Ohr deHokhma, all the wisdom and information in a perfect state of bliss.

Part of Body: Eyes


Hebrew: The line


Kavana – (Hebrew) Meditation, Prayer with a meditation.
Means- Intention, direction. concentration…


Hebrew: The Vessel

The main and only creation is The Desire to Receive or The Vessel, that entity with the ability to receive The Light of The Creator. Every aspect of The Creation has in its core part of the original Vessel.


Hebrew: Crown

The first Sefira of The Tree of Life.

The source, the seed of all creation; The Cause of all Causes.

The original ‘Desire to Impart’ that include all aspect of The Creation in a potential state of existence.

Part of Body: The Mind

Magen Davi

The Star of David – Magen David (Hebrew – The Shield of David) is an ancient kabbalistic symbol of protection. It is made of two triangles that surround an imaginary center point. Together with the center point the star has seven points. Representing the seven Sefirot of Zeir Anpin and Malkhut.


A letter that is written as its full name, sometimes, the term relates to the added letters, only, without the original.