Adam Kadmon

Hebrew: Primordial Man – Prototype
Olam (The world of) Adam Kadmon is matching to the Sefira of Keter, above all the other worlds. This is the first world that emanated from the Ein-Sof (The Endless), and it preceded all the other succeeding worlds. It is the root of all the worlds, corresponds to the Root Phase (see Four Phases) but is not part of them.
The Seed of Seeds, Cause of all Causes – and a human being is not capable of understanding or grasping it. Being the first emanation from the Endless, Adam Kadmon is the prototype for all of the succeeding emanations.


Hebrew: Round

A round circle is the symbol of equality since all points on the circle are equal.


First letter of the the Hebrew Alphabet

Am Segula

Hebrew: literally: Chosen People, People of Virtue
True meaning: The Capable People, The people that can guarantee result (bringing Humanity to its final goal)


The apple symbolizes the Central Column and connects us with the Sefirot of the upper triangle of Zeir Anpin (Hesed, Gevura and Tiferet). The fruit has 3 colors: white – Right Column; red – Left Column; and green – Central Column. When the term Hakal Tapuhin Kadishin (the Field of Holy Apples) is mentioned, it refers to Malkhut in its ideal, perfect and balanced state.
According to The Zohar (Shemot) the apple connects to the upper triangle of Zeir Anpin while other fruits connect to Malkhut.


The Ari (The Lion) Z”l (of blessed memory), Ar”i – initials of HaElohi – Rabbi – Its’hak (The divine, Rabbi Isaac), Rabbi Isaac Lurie. Jerusalem 1534- Safed 1572. The greatest Kabbalist of the last 500 years, the father of the Lurianic Kabbalah, the source of the Sephardic Kabbalah, Askenazi & Hassidic Kabbalah.


Arvit – The Evening Prayer, connected to The Central Column, Tiferet. Established by Jacob the Patriarch.


Hebrew: the World of Action
This is the most external world, the one that has the least Light, since the Light has to go through many curtains in order to reach our world.

Asi’ya corresponds to the Sefira of Malkhut.


Hebrew: The World of Emanation, Sefirat Hokhma
The 2nd of the five main Olamot. Atsilut is far above our world; therefore, it is above human understanding since it is full of unity and bliss.