Zeir Anpin

Small Face (Aramaic) –
1. The Sefira that brings The Light from the upper world to Malkhut, our world and filters it so we do not get burned.
2.The six Sefirot of the Tree of Life – HesedGevuraTiferetNetsahhod and Yesod are part of the 2nd Sefira from the bottom, one above Malkhut.
3. The Sefira of Hasadim.


The Zohar – The Book of Splendor, is the main work of Kabbalah, written in Israel during the 2nd Century CE, mainly by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai and the same people who wrote the Mishnah. The Zohar was hidden till the 13th Century CE and was released for public study at the 16th Century. It explains the rules of the Universe that are hidden in the Bible and in the Mishnah and Talmud. The Zohar has mystical forces of protection and personal transformation.