The Holy Blessed Be He

1. God – Since according to Kabbalah God really has no name this is one of the common ways to refer to Him and His affect on this world.

2. Zeir Anpin, the Sefira that bestows The Light of The Creator to the mundane world. Mentioned many times as the mate of the Shekhina (The Creation)


Hebrew: Beuty, glory, splendor, magnificence

The third Sefira of Zeir Anpin’s 6 Sefirot.

Central Column of the Upper Three Sefirot, the power of balance and unification

Chariot: Jacob the Patriarch

Part of Body: Upper Torso


Hebrew: Fixing, Correcting

Karma, a general word to describe the process through which the vesselד (usually, a person’s soul) needs to go through in order do be able to contain the Light.

A personal issue, a part of the soul that needs to go through a transformation in order to allow the Light to settle in and stay.


Hebrew: The Contraction

The action through which The Vessel contracted itself and stopped receiving The Light of The Creator. The Tsimtsum became the cause of the creation of the universe we know. The Tsimtsum controls every aspect of The Creation since it is it’s main and direct cause therefore everything we know exists by contraction, reflection or resistance.

i.e. Every part of The Creation has a small and reduced part of The Endless Light of The Creation.